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History of Chinese Folklore (Six Volume Edition) Released at Beijing Normal University 2008-06-17
2 BNU Papers in Physics Win China Thomson Reuters Research Fronts Award 2008-05-29
Lecture: Application of Systems Science in Biosystem 2008-06-04
Lecture: International EFA (Education for All) and China’s Rural Education Development 2008-06-20
Academic Exchange with British Journal of Education Technology 2008-04-07
Symposium on University Teacher Training Regulation held at Beijing Normal University 2008-04-07
Workshop on Labor Economics held at Beijing Normal University 2008-04-03
The 16th Jingshi Forum on Crimiinal Law 2008-03-31
Monthly activity for International Students 2008-03-01
2nd International Education Conference Leadership in a Learning Society 2008-03-27
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