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Regarded as one of the 15 national research-oriented university (by Institute of Management Sciences at Guangdong), BNU has comprehensive disciplines, strong in both liberal arts and science.

The university has a good many key disciplines, laboratories, institutes, research centers and bases. Education, psychology, Chinese language and literature, mathematics and geography are the 5 key disciplines at national level. There are 74 research laboratories, including 4 National Key Labs, 7 Key Labs of Ministry of Education, and 5 Key Labs of Beijing Municipality. Key research centers and bases include 7 key research bases in humanities and social sciences of Ministry of Education, 2 research centers of Engineering & Technology of Beijing Municipality, 3 research centers jointly-established with Beijing Municipality, and more than 40 other research centers of all kinds. Furthermore, the university has an institute for Proteomics which is the only one established in universities by Ministry of Education. Besides, the university has established a Science Park which covers an area of 6 hectares.

More than 500 projects of national level have been being undertaken in Beijing Normal University, including National Key Basic Research Development Project (Project 973), National High-Tech Research Development Project (Project 863), National Natural Science Foundation Project, etc. In 2007, Beijing Normal University is involved in 44 973 Projects, chairing 2 of them and playing a chief role in 21 of them. At the same time, the university participated in 11 863 Projects, playing a chief role in 8 of them.

15 research outcomes in humanities and social sciences won national awards, including 3 First Prize Awards. The number of awards tops the 6th place in the ranking table of all Chinese universities.

Beijing Normal University has an annual research funding in sciences of over RMB 100 Million, which tops the first place among all the normal universities nationally. In 2007, 110 projects were approved by the National Natural Science Foundation, with a total funding of RMB 37 million. The research funding in liberal arts has increased rapidly in the recent five years with RMB 150 Million in total and since 2002 the annual increase has been over RMB 30 Million, which equals to RMB 40,000 per capita. The annual research funding in liberal arts tops the third place nationally. As a university strong in basic theory and research, Beijing Normal University is fairly fruitful in fund raising for liberal arts.

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