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Beijing Normal University “Oversea Youth High Level Talents Recruiting Plan” Announcement

1.       Subjects on recruitment:

Math, physics, chemistry, environmental and earth science, information science, engineering and material science, life science.


2.       Application requirements:

(1)    The applicant should major on natural science or engineering sector, age is younger than 40 years old; holding Ph.D. degree from famous oversea university, and have more than 3 years oversea research work experience. By the time of applying, the applicant should be holding oversea famous university or research organization or famous company’s formal teaching or R&D position; as the top talent among the same age group in the same teaching or R&D field, having the potential to become the leader in the applied research or R&D major field.

(2)    For those new grads who already have outstanding achievements during their Ph.D. degree study period, or have other outstanding accomplishments, may apply as exceptions.

(3)    The applicant needs to sign the work contract should the application is approved, and needs to come back China work full time.


3.       The treatment:

In accordance with the relevant provisions of our country and university, the selected candidates will have following treatment:

(1)    Will have annual salary RMB 200,000à250,000 during the contract period;

(2)    Will get state provided one time compensation RMB 500,000;

(3)    Will get state provided research fund RMB 1,000,000à3,000,000;

(4)    During the contract period, BNU will help the selected candidate rent BNU owned apartment;

(5)    BNU will resolve the admission issues to preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school for selected candidate’s children.


4.       Application materials:

The application form and the related materials. (Please visit Website:  and download corresponding forms)


5.       Application deadline:

For timeline of each batch of recruitments, please reference BNU talents

recruiting announcements page at


Welcome young talents join Beijing Normal University!

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