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BNU Students Support Education in Earthquake Affected Area
To assist the children in earthquake affected area to return to school, Beijing Normal University initiated the Campaign of Returning to Hometown to Support Education in Sichuan, Gansu and Shanxi, the provinces that were affected in Wenchuan earthquake. Over 40 BNU students participated in the campaign, which benefited about 3000 elementary and high school students.

The campaign started on July 3rd. BNU students were divided into 4 groups according to geographic locations, which were Jiangyan group, Guangyuan group, Mianyang group and Beichuan group. Besides instructing subject matters, BNU students also helped organizing sports games and extra-curriculum activities.

BNU students were warmly welcome by local school. The principal of Beichuang Leigu Elementary School said to BNU students, “it is so great, our children needs you very much.” A teacher from Mianyang Tongxing Village High School regarded BNU students as “fresh air” brought to the school campus.
(Office of Student Affairs, Center of Psychological Counseling)


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